Blinds Glossary

Aluminium Blinds

Horizontal strips of aluminium to form Venetian slats.

Blackout Blinds

Usually a roller blind that consists of a fabric that has the ability to prevent light filtering through.

Bottom Weights

A weight that is placed into a vertical blind louvre to help stabilise the blind.

Children’s Blinds 

Usually a blackout roller blind to prevent light entering the room via the window. Also good for light sleepers.


A head rail cassette can be either on a roller or vision blind and hides the roll at the top of the blind. The cassette gives a finished and neat look.

Face Fix Brackets

A method of fitting the blind to the face of the wall.

Free Sample

Free sample of a piece of fabric, this enables the customer to feel quality and check colour prior to purchasing.


Refers to a vertical blind, a strip of material that hangs from the head rail.

Pleated Blinds

A blind fabric that consists of horizontal pleats.

Roller Blinds

Stiffened fabric which rolls onto a tube when operated. The most popular and versatile blind system.

Roman Blinds

A soft fabric that gather into pleats when raised. Excellent for insulation. 

Side Fix

A method of fitting the blinds to the side walls, often associated with a ‘inside the recess’ fitting.


A mechanism for operating a roller blind, it is located at one end of the blind allowing easy and accurate positioning. 

Venetian Blinds

Blinds consisting of horizontal strips of wood or aluminium strips, this gives good light control.

Vertical Blinds

Strips of fabric (louvres) suspended from a head rail.

Vision Blinds

Two sliding layers of fabric with sheer horizontal strips.